If you’re a casino gambling enthusiast in Singapore, you’re already aware of the country’s gambling history. Suppose you didn’t know, gambling in Singapore has a long history with various chapters. However, in terms of games and popularity, Play168bet online mobile casino Singapore has offered players the opportunity to play all casino games like slot games Singapore, live casino Singapore, Poker Singapore, Lottery Singapore, sport betting Singapore, and so on.

Pay168bet casino promotions

When you choose us to spend your time on playing live casino Singapore, Play168bet online casino betting Singapore will give you such a best promotion that support you while playing. Once you register at Pay168bet3 , your account will be rewarded 30% of the amount you deposit into your account (10x turnover applies).For next recharge times, We offer you 5% of the amount you deposit into your online casino account. If you don’t want to get 5% bonus, we would like to offer another promotion : 5% daily lose rebate for deposit above $500, no turnover required (it’s based on daily overall losses from win/lose report, not on each transaction). 

Pay168bet Slot Games

When playing slots game right at our website Pay168bet, your mind will be opened widely thanks to the diversity of online slot games Singapore. You can enjoy the slots game from the classic version to the difficult one with some benefits from Pay168bet like free slots game and the flexible use of devices to play online slots Singapore. Apart from slot games Singapore, Live casino is also very famous in Singapore.

Pay168bet Live Casino

Pay168bet has come out into society for 6 years, and we are the leading live dealer casino betting agent in Singapore. We have experienced staff and always improve the online gambling system every day to give you a better experience. We provide a variety types of live casino Singapore games such as Live Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Fantan, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Pai Gow Poker, Craps. Our mission is to bring all of the best diversified online casino out.

Pay168bet Sportsbook

A downside of the online sportsbook Singapore’s inclusion in casinos was the limited entry to these places. Remember this was a time when only a small section of society could afford casinos. Here was an activity loved by all and sundry but a combination of regulations and restrictions started to push this much loved pastime back underground.Which is where the internet came and changed everything. Detailed statistics, team info, weather, are just some of the things that key to sports bettors and we live in the era of information. As one of the very best online live dealer casino in Singapore, Pay168bet SG bet casino provide all the info you need to make an educated bet. Our Singapore live sports betting page has a wealth of real-time information that is key for players of any experience level to increase their chances of winning.

Deposits and Withdrawal

Pay168bet is a top secured online casino. You can deposit anytime via our SSL secured site. With different payment gateways to choose from: bank transfer, credit cards, e-payments and PayPal to keep you secure. Our Singapore online casino is regulated by the Asia Gambling Commission, you can be guaranteed of a safe online casino experience. Pay168bet reviews rate as the highest in Singapore.


Most new online players come to us anxious and worried about their past experiences. The fact that most end up staying is testament to our overall efficiency and the reliability of our site. This would of course mean nothing if we just had a collection of stale offerings and we address this by constantly adapting and updating our systems to meet all challenges head on.The numerous chances of winning something coupled with the highest payouts in the industry mean that we have become the trusted Singapore online casino of choice.

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