A Western Tail is one more slot machine that we’re seeing come out of Microgaming, having been developed by a smaller studio that they’ve partnered with, in this case Present Creative. It’s not exactly a new theme, the Wild West has been popular over the years, but the angle is fresh and it relies on dogs to be its main characters, rather than humans.

They’ve created a setup with 5×4 reels, but there will be only 25 paylines to be used each round. The game’s got medium volatility, and with 500x top payouts it tends to disappoint. It’s only a matter of how the game was built, because it’s not unfair, and ultimately the RTP is expected to sit at 96.50%. It should be mentioned that the game offers The Pistols Wild, Horseshoe scatters, Money Bag bonus symbols, along with bonus games and free spins.

Betting and Prizes

The typical bets in A Western Tail are on the low side, so they only reach $5, with a starting point at $0.25. You may find different options at other casinos, especially since this isn’t a high volatility game, and the rewards don’t go too far.

Now, for the prizes of A Western Tail, we’re looking at up to 20x the stake per line, and 500x the stake total for one round. It’s not much, unfortunately, and it would’ve been OK for a slot with low volatility, but this one is more of a medium, so it comes with a certain amount of risk. They didn’t do a very good job at designing a reward that would match that risk.

Don’t worry though, the game’s RTP shows us that it can be fair, and long-term it is expected to return 96.50% of what’s wagered inside, to its players.

A Western Tail Slot Features

The first symbol to take a look at, the wild symbol will show you a pair of Colt pistols, the weapons of choice back then, in the Wild West. It’s a substitute, and it also pays directly the top jackpot, so there are plenty of things to get you excited, when seeing these wilds on the reels.

You will discover a bonus game inside, called Cash Crab, which you get to trigger when Money Bag symbols are scattered on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels, at the same time. It’s a relatively simple bonus here, one which has you selecting one of the money bags, and getting a prize from it. The value is anywhere between 2x and 50x total stake.

The other feature which you get via scatter symbols, this time from Horseshoes, will be the free spins. The requirement is typical, 3+ symbols needed, and in exchange you win 10 free spins. Depending on the triggering scatters, you can pick 1 to 3 Royal symbols, to behave as additional wilds.

Theme & Design

It’s a Wild West theme, and obviously it has a certain connection with cute dogs, which have been turned into main characters. You see them as sheriffs, villains, bankers or gamblers, while secondary symbols add the Royals to the reels. Finally, for the feature symbols,  you will discover Colt pistols, money bags and horseshoes. It’s a pretty good design, cartoon-style and fun to look at.


A Western Tail is not the most fun game to play, with its small top payouts and common features not doing much to make it stand out in the large collection of slots that Microgaming is already offering. They did get the theme and graphics right, I will give them that.