Though a game like Buccaneer Blast will not feature the most original story around, the truth is that the theme is popular enough among players, and it’s going to be enjoyable anyway. The graphics are great, there are some good features as well, so this slot from Playtech (Popular casino games Singapore developer) has plenty going for it.

While 5×3 reels would allow for a lot more winning combinations to form, you get only 10 active lines in Buccaneer Blast. You’re going after a jackpot of RM150,000, with the RTP being announced at an acceptable 96.15%. Those top payouts aren’t great, but there are additional features to improve gameplay, such as Ships Turned Wild, multipliers, re-spins and substitutes.

Betting and Prizes

The Total Bet option is the one you want, if you’re looking to change the amount that’s wagered for the next spin. The values allowed for it will go from RM0.10 to RM500, so it’s a huge range, which allows high rollers to play as well.

The slot’s not the most rewarding around, and even its 2x multipliers don’t do all that much in that regard. Regular combinations on their own can pay 150x total stake (RM75,000), while wild multipliers can help double that amount, to RM150,000 (300x).

Obviously, the game needs to be fairly low volatility, in order for such low wins to get you to a decent RTP. The Return is OK though, announced at 96.15%, so expect for the game to pay a fair amount back to players in general. Your own experience may vary, but in the long run this is a good RTP.

Buccaneer Blast Slot Features

The game’s features appear to revolve mostly around wild symbols, but keep reading and you will find out all about what’s possible inside.

One random event, called Ships Turned Wild, will have a cannon appear at the bottom, underneath the 2nd or 4th reels. If there are any low value ship symbols on the reels which are affected, then they are destroyed and transformed into wilds. The new wild symbols get 2x multipliers, which they can use as they act as replacements in various winning combinations.

Another one to consider, also random, is the appearance of a Black Pirate Ship. If it shows up in the background, you can get a re-spin from it. For this re-spin, three cannons show up underneath the middle three reels. They fire cannon balls, and they can hit symbols, turning them into extra wilds. The number of cannon balls which are fired is decided at random. Once again, we have a feature which is influenced heavily by the wild symbol, and it uses it to deliver bigger wins to the player.

Theme & Design

A pirate theme is a good way to get players to try a slot machine, particularly if it’s well designed. It’s clearly the case with Buccaneer Blast, a game which places us onboard a ship, with the reels using the sea as background. There will be ships appearing as three low paying symbols, along with images of pirates for the major ones. The quality is fairly high, the design being cartoon-like. I found it enjoyable, but then again so are most pirate themed slots available right now.


Buccaneer Blast looks pretty good, has an OK RTP and some interesting wild features, but its low volatility and top jackpots might not offer everyone a type of gameplay that they can enjoy.

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