The idea of the piggy bank, as inspiration for a slot machine’s theme, is definitely not new for this industry. Online games, where pigs are acting as bankers, have been offered by others in the past, but I definitely think that 918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills is one of the better designed slots in that category. It’s one of the new games that Pragmatic Play plans on releasing later in 2021.

918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills is a slot machine with 6×3 reels, which relies on banknote halves that need to be put together, not on regular lines, so it’s a unique game in that regard. It offers scatter symbols, wilds, and free spins. Ultimately, what you want to get out of it, is the 5,000x the stake top jackpot (up to RM500,000 cash).

Piggy Bank Bills Betting and Prizes

In 918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills, you don’t get any regular lines, but that’s not going to stop the game from pretending like it has some. You’re using 20 coins/lines here, and you could use more if needed. 20 to 200 coins are available, while coin values go up to RM0.50. This allows for bets between RM0.20 and RM100 per spin.

You can get paid up to 1,000x by a single pair of symbols landing next to each other, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the game can deliver wins of up to 5,000x the stake in a single round. It’s a decent game in that regard, but it’s also highly volatile (5/5 rating from Pragmatic Play).

Piggy Bank Bills Slot Features

With 6×3 reels, so a total of 18 symbols showing, 918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills doesn’t work in the way you might be used to, so there are no regular lines or ways to win to form combinations on. Instead, you get symbols that are banknotes of different values, cut in half. You need to match two banknote halves when they’re next to each other, to complete the banknote of a certain value, and get its prize. The prizes paid for these complete banknotes range from 0.25x the stake, to 1,000x the stake (10 types of banknotes are available).

One of the banknotes that we’re seeing on the 918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills slot’s reels, the Wild is green and marked with the feature’s own logo. You’re going to be able to use the Wild symbol as a replacement, so it’s useful to you next to matching regular symbols, so that they can form a full banknote together. It will not trigger the free spins, or help with getting access to that feature.

The way into the free spins is through the slot’s scatter. It’s a pink banknote, with a golden Free Games logo on it. Once again, you need two of these facing each other, to form a full bill. Do that, and you receive 8 free spins. If you get two banknotes formed, you also play without the lowest paying symbol/banknote. With three triggering banknotes, the free spins remove the two bills of lowest value from the game area.

In this mode, you can get 2x and 3x multipliers, which appear as overlays on symbols. They boost the value of their prize, if the bill is formed. You can even get two multipliers at the same time for a bill, and they multiply their values then. There is also a chance that the lowest paying symbol will be removed from the game area, as you play.

Several other features can trigger at random, while you play the game:

  • Piggy Bonus: Piggy can show up and there is a chance that the free spins will trigger.
  • Piggy Win: Piggy can appear and transform 2+ symbols, guaranteeing winning combinations.
  • Piggy Wilds: Piggy can appear and add up to 4 wilds on the game area.

Theme & Design

An entire range of banknotes are available for the 918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills slot’s regular symbols. Each one has its own design, with different colors and pigs as characters on them, as well as certain values that are shown in the corners. A total of 10 regular symbols are offered, ranging from 0.25x to 1,000x in value. An 11th special symbol, worth 10,000x is also available at times, while the feature triggers are the wild and the scatter.

I think you will appreciate the design of this one as well, the pig bankers are funny, even though you wouldn’t expect it from someone in their line of work.

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918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills is one of the slot machines where Pragmatic Play does something truly different, and I appreciate that. The game has plenty of risk to go around, but it’s also fun to play and it has decent potential. It’s a good idea to check it out and see how it works, you might find that you like it.

918Kiss Piggy Bank Bills