Part of a category which is filled with deities from Nordic mythology, 918Kiss Odin’s Riches does the same thing and is inspired by one of the best known names from the Scandinavian lore. It’s a slot machine that is offered jointly by Just For The Win and Microgaming, the result of a fruitful partnership that has brought us a lot of great games already.

They chose a bigger game area for 918Kiss Odin’s Riches, and you will find 7×7 reels in this slot machine, along with a Cluster Pays system (5+ symbols form a cluster). It’s not the type to pay a huge amount, only 5,000x the stake at best, and that could be worth RM250,000. Nevertheless, it’s a very volatile game, with a 96.07% Return to Player. A fairly long list of features are present, including wilds, four different game modifiers, free spins and an increasing multiplier.

Betting and Prizes

RM0.20 is a small amount to wager with, but it’s enough to activate the entire game area and its 49 symbols. At the other end, there are bets of up to RM50, that one can select.

918Kiss Odin’s Riches offers the player fairly small top prizes, which will go up to 5,000x the round’s stake. It could mean RM250,000, yes, but for a high volatility slot that’s not too impressive. On the other hand, even though it’s so risky, the slot still manages to pay in about 1 out of 2 spins. RTP is fine as well, at 96.07%.

Odin’s Riches Slot Features

In order to actually get paid in 918Kiss Odin’s Riches, with 7×7 reels and 49 symbols, you need at least 5 of them to be next to each other. Touching vertically or horizontally, these will allow you to form clusters of winning symbols. The better the symbol, and the more that appear in the cluster, the bigger the prize that you can claim.

Now that you’ve formed a winning cluster, you get paid, but the game keeps going. Rolling Reels trigger next, and will remove the symbols from the cluster. A new set of symbols will appear in the empty positions, and that could bring new clusters and wins. The winning symbols are collected, and for every 25 that you have in a single round, a modifier will be activated, from the four which are possible. It will apply for the next round.

  • Dragon’s Riches: makes symbols form clusters even if they’re scattered, and not actually next to each other.
  • Serpent’s Wisdom: picks a single type of symbol, and turns it into a symbol of higher value.
  • Wolf’s Hunger: will take away the symbols of low value, the rune stones, which ends up triggering the Rolling Reels.
  • Raven’s Flight: this one carves two lines in diagonal, and then removes symbols found in those positions. You can get as many as 5 wilds, in the positions that are cleared, through the Rolling Reels that follow.

There will also be wild symbols in this online slot, and they will be used as whatever type of symbol you need, to form a cluster from their current positions. You can get these via Odin’s Wilds, a random feature which adds up to 9 of them in random locations.

To get to the best part, the free spins, you need a total of 125 winning symbols collected in the special meter. That’s all from a single spin, and in exchange you go through 7 free spins. An increasing multiplier is present going from 1x up, whenever you get a Mini feature to activate. You can retrigger the feature, but you only get 3 more rounds.

Theme & Design

In 918Kiss Odin’s Riches, expect the usual Nordic mythology inspired game, using the god of wisdom as the main symbol. Odin is the one that the game revolves around, though you don’t get much of him on the reels. Mostly, it’s a mix of four rune stones in the lowest paying section, and several wild animals in the high value zone. The latter include images of the dragon, the wolf, serpent or raven.

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918Kiss Odin’s Riches has the disadvantage of a low jackpot, only 5,000x promised in a slot whose volatility is quite high. It’s just a matter of how the wins are distributed though, since ultimately it still has the expected RTP of 96.07%.

918Kiss Odin’s Riches