918Kiss Bombs is clearly not your typical casino slot machine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s unique in every single way. On the contrary, it relies on a pirate theme which has seen heavy use in slots, but at least it manages to turn it into a pro, not a con. It’s a Playtech release with awesome graphics and unique features, which offers you quite a few opportunities to have fun.

The game that they designed here will deliver 5×7 reels and a total of 20 paylines. The bombs are the slot’s major features, and as they appear and explode on the reels, they deliver some fun extra options and cash prizes. Expect to win as much as 4,000x the stake, once the 10x multipliers decide to help out, and that’s great news since it could mean up to RM800,000.

Betting and Prizes

Since each line needs its own wager, the smallest amount that you could risk per spin in 918Kiss Bombs is RM0.20. There is quite a bit more for you to wager though, if you have the budget and the will to do that. A high roller could end up spending up to RM200 for each spin, so up to RM10 per line. If you decide to use the extra ship option, for better odds, then you use an additional 30 coins, so 50 coins total, with bets reaching RM500 in that case.

While the regular rewards of 918Kiss Bombs will typically reach a top value of 20x the stake for each line, or 400x for all of them, once the multipliers start getting involved things will look a lot better. At that point, you could get up to 4,000x the stake, which given the wagers possible in this slot could turn into jackpots of RM800,000.

Bombs Slot Features

Features that are mentioned for 918Kiss Bombs are definitely not what you’d expect from a typical pirate slot machine, but the unusual layout with 5×7 reels can already tell you that. The game is played with 1 or 2 ships active, so the odds can be improved, provided that you’re willing to spend more money.

The pirate ships appearing at the top will be the ones firing bonus bombs on the reels, so it matters if you have 1 or 2 ships active. There are 6 different bombs that can land on the reels. Some will pay as much as 10x the stake, others will apply 2x-10x multipliers to the round’s wins, and in other cases you can get as many as 10 extra wilds, free spins and mystery symbols.

To trigger 10 free spins, the requirement is to have a scatter appear on the same line as a bomb delivering free games. Additional wilds and multipliers of up to 10x have better odds of triggering for the free spins. You can retrigger the free spins several times, at most the game allowing for 70 rounds to be played through in one trigger of the feature.

Theme & Design

918Kiss Bombs is a pirate themed game, and like a lot of other slots to use this theme, it will offer cartoon style graphics. They were extremely well handled, and the resulting design is a fun one. You will encounter icons with card suits, but then it moves on to offer pirates, gold coins, treasure maps and anchors as well.

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918Kiss Bombs is going to be lots of fun, it has awesome potential and gorgeous cartoon-style graphics. I’m sure players will enjoy it.