Getting rich quick schemes are not new, they’ve always been around, and one of the more obvious attempts from the past was the idea that you could turn regular materials into gold, through alchemy. It didn’t work, obviously, but it still makes for an interesting story in a slot machine, and so we’re seeing 918Kiss Alchemy Fortunes released by Microgaming and All41Studios, on this exact topic.

What they chose here, is a system with 7×7 reels and a HyperClusters system. With a jackpot of just 1,100x the stake, it’s not quite the type of slot machine to bring big fortunes. There will be five features triggered through the Potion Meter, including free spins, along with a Rolling Reels mechanic, so it can still be profitable for players, even if you don’t get a chance to become rich from it. Worth mentioning, is also that the game has high volatility, which is coupled with a 96.41% RTP.

Betting and Prizes

918Kiss Alchemy Fortunes is an easily accessible game, which can be played with bets of only RM0.20, at its lowest. Go higher if you want to, even up to RM100 per spin.

The ultimate prize in Alchemy Fortunes is going to reach 1,100x the stake, which is possible in a single spin, if we’re talking about a best case scenario. There are a lot of games which will be doing even better, but those tend to have much higher risk for the player as well.

The game’s high volatility might mean that it will be risky, but at the same time it’s going to have a high hit frequency, with about 55% of its spins being winners, on average. You don’t get bored playing this one, that’s for sure. RTP is important as well, and we know that in its case, we’re getting a 96.41% return in the long run.

Alchemy Fortunes Slot Features

In 918Kiss Alchemy Fortunes, the HyperCluster system will require the presence of 5+ matching symbols on the reels, grouped together and touching horizontally/vertically. When these requirements are met, you get paid, and then the Rolling Reels trigger. These may get you paid again, as they remove winning icons and bring others to replace them. It will keep doing this, until no more new clusters form.

As you do this, and you form new clusters, the symbols which are involved will be removed and used to fill the Magic Potion Meter. As you get to 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 symbols collected, there are different features that will trigger and help you out.

  • Potion Swap: replaces all types of high value icons with a single high symbol.
  • Summon Wilds: gives you a random number of wilds on the reels.
  • Gem Crush: removes the symbols of low value.
  • Alchemy of Wilds: any positions where you had wilds that spin, will become active again with substitutes.
  • Fortune Free Spins: you receive 5 free spins, and there is the possibility to retrigger them.

In the free spins mode, you will get the best paying symbol when the Potion Swap feature triggers, while Summon Wilds gets you 5 wild symbols on the reels, so again the highest possible number.

Theme & Design

When you are playing 918Kiss Alchemy Fortunes, the Alchemy connection is one that you’re going to see in the background image, with stacks of books, lit candles and a stone pedestal shown there. The reels will be filled with gemstones and potions, each low icon having a high value equivalent of the same color. They come in light blue, green, pink and orange, to which they add wild symbols. A good design overall, modern and in line with what cluster pays titles tend to offer, but not very memorable.

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918Kiss Alchemy Fortunes slot places us in a wizard’s lab, and gives us a decent collection of features, which we can trigger as we’re forming clusters of winning symbols. It doesn’t have big potential, but it’s fun to play, so one can forgive the boring theme.

918Kiss Alchemy Fortunes