918 Kiss Justice League is a game that is based on a film that belongs to the DC Comics universe, so it’s one of the many branded titles that are available at casinos Malaysia area. 5 reels were used in Justice League, while the number of lines is fixed at 40. You get a jackpot of up to MYD500,000 as you play it, so it does well even if you don’t consider the progressive jackpots that are available. Each of the six super heroes has its own version of the free spins, plus there are also respins, wild symbols and scatters. The most higher payout online slot Malaysia.

Theme & Design

The design of 918Kiss Justice League Slot gives you pretty much what you’d expect, if you played other casino Malaysia online slots with a similar theme.918Kiss Justice League has a DC comics inspired theme, and as its most important symbols it has images of Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and The Flash. The graphics are excellent, so no complaints there.

Betting and Prizes

918Kiss Justice League is a game that is accessible to all budgets, which means that you can get it to spin its reels for as little as MYD0.40, or you can be a high roller that wants to win big, and in that case you could increase the wager to MYD2,000. The bets will always be composed of 40 coins, whose denomination will vary from MYD0.01 to MYD50. you can play this slot game in any trusted online casino in Malaysia.


Super hero symbols are six in total and they all can appear stacked on the reels, with up to four positions occupied by each one.During any random spin, you might find that a Super Hero Respin is triggered. When this happens, you will get a respin during which one of the super heroes is transformed into a wild. This can keep happening, with new super heroes turning into wilds and new respins triggering (up to five possible).The super heroes are also getting their own free spins, so there are six different versions that you can trigger. From The Flash, you will receive 15 spins where super heroes that land on the reels turn symbols of that type into wilds.Cyborg will give you 12 rounds, with frames appearing on the reels after rounds with no wins. The super hero has to land in the frame to transform other symbols.There will be 10 free spins triggered, if Aquaman is the one that governs that game mode. All paying symbols can be transformed into wilds, if one of them appears in the frame.Wonder Woman’s gift will consist of 7 free spins. Each spin gets 1 to 5 frames, in which super heroes can land and turn other super heroes into wilds.Superman gives you 5 spins, where you get a huge frame, 2×2 in size, in which super hero symbols land and then they transform others of its kind into wilds.

Batman offers the smallest number of free spins, just 2 rounds, but it can be incredibly profitable if you have a lot of luck. If you get a single super hero in the frame, it will transform all super heroes present into wilds.


918Kiss is well recognized as famous casino Malaysia platform.

918 Kiss Justice League hits all the right spots and manages to offer the player huge payouts, beautiful graphics and loads of interesting features.

918 Kiss Justice League