If games are a reflection of the teams that make them, then whoever was behind Totem Thunder at Quickspin could well have been trying to get deeply in tune with nature. Totem Thunder is an online slot which zones in on things like Spirit Animals, Thunder Birds, and Enchanted Gems. These sorts of things may or may not be your cup of chai, but if they are, then Totem Thunder is a game where ‘you can immerse yourself in their sacred rituals and reconnect with Mother Earth while being rewarded with untold riches.’

The first thing that came to mind when Totem Thunder appeared on screen wasn’t spirits, enchantments, or anything like that, however. It was wondering whether Quickspin had poached an artist or two from competitor studio Peter & Sons. In Totem Thunder, things like the higher-value animal symbols, fonts, and general look, could easily pass for a P&S game. Whether there is a link or not, who knows? Let’s press on.

Totem Thunder is located in a rural space, at night, as a crescent moon shines down on grassy fields, swaying trees, and a Totem-lined 5-reel3-row game panel with 25 ways to win. The slot comes with three RTP configurations, topping out at 96.02% or 96.53% when buying free spins. Playable on any device by picking stakes of 25 p/c to £/€100 per paid game round, be prepared for some highly volatile action, rated (5 out of 5) by the Quickspin themselves.

Three to five matching symbols create winning ways, where four high-pay Spirit Animals and four low-pay Enchanted Gems are grouped into colour types. This means there is a high-pay animal version and a low-pay gem version in blue, green, purple and red. Why it is done this way will become clear shortly. Landing a five of a kind win awards 2-5x the bet for the high pays, or 1.2x the bet for five low pays. Wilds land on any reel to substitute all paying symbols and trigger out payouts of up to 5x the bet when making wins solely of wild symbols.

Totem Thunder: Slot Features

Totem Thunder is not a complicated game, but it’s not entirely straightforward either. It takes a few spins and a bit of paytable study to fully grasp what’s going on.

Tumbling Reels

The first piece of the puzzle is Tumbling Reels, which removes winning symbols from the grid. Existing symbols drop-down and new symbols from up above fill the gaps.

Totem Trance

After a tumble, if the top part of the Totem on the left is bluegreenpurple, or red, then any low pay symbols of this specific colour on the reels are transformed into its high pay counterpart. If the Top left Totem is golden, it upgrades all low-pay symbols in view. After the transformation takes place, if a new win is created, the Tumbling Reels is triggered.

Colour Multiplier

When the Totem Trance transforms a symbol and a win or free spin will follow, it adds +1 to its respective Colour Multiplier on the right-side Totem. Transformations from a golden Totem symbol in the same situation increases all Colour Multipliers.

Thunder Free Spins

The bonus game is accessed when 3 scatter symbols land to award 10 free spins (+5 additional free spins are awarded for each extra scatter present on the triggering spin). While the bonus round is active, free spins can be retriggered in the same way as in the base game. Any multipliers accrued in the base game triggering spin are transferred over to the free spins bonus round. What changes is that Colour Multipliers are progressive, meaning they do not reset between free spins.

Buy Feature

The bonus buy feature can be activated from the main game, where available. Paying 150x the bet triggers the Thunder Free Spins feature.

Totem Thunder: Slot Verdict

Totem Thunder was a peculiar game to review. Subtly peculiar. When all was said and done, it was hard to tell whether the experience had been a fulfilling one or not. In some ways, more questions were raised after the test drive was complete than before it. The first puzzle was whether someone from Peter & Sons had had a hand in the game’s development or not or whether it was a complete coincidence. The thing is, Peter & Sons’ games are so distinct that if anyone copied them, whether by accident or design, a counterfeit would stick out like a sore thumb. Not pointing any fingers, just saying.

The enigma flowed into the mechanics and features underpinning Totem Thunder. Are they good or not? We flip-flopped from one side of the question to the other, unable to definitively answer it. When Tumbles trigger Totem Trances, feeding Colour Multipliers leading to something decent at the end, then great, what an innovative trip. When it doesn’t, the transformations and multipliers sort of meander. It is unusual, though, so anyone interested in trying an alternative version of the popular Tumbling mechanic might appreciate Totem Thunder’s unique take. Perhaps it’ll help if you’re down with the subject matter? Not sure; Totem Thunder was a slippery one to pin down. There shouldn’t be too many misgivings over the max win, though, Quickspin having recorded a win of 8,623x the bet during 100 million simulated spins.

Hey, there’s sure to be plenty of open-mind players out there, keen to sample the wide, varied, and at times downright weirdness served up by a creative industry. Totem Thunder isn’t bizarre in the way a game like Karen Maneater is, but there’s something about its mix of theme, mechanics, and overall vibration that came over as a little odd. For the most part, it’s a good odd, and odd’s alright anyway, so while some may struggle to grasp what Totem Thunder is getting at, it might play right into the hands of others. However, remember to claim the free credit kiss 918 before you start any games in 918 kiss kaya.

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